Ross Cox

Ross CoxA true health and wealth aficionado, Ross A. Cox has begun working with a new company, called Zija International. Though it is a small company, Zija International’s founder, Ken Braisford, plans to double its size within the year. Zija International sells a number of health and wellness products, including weight management solutions, liquid nutritionals, energy and performance products, and skin care products. Recently, Zija International launched three new product divisions: Zija Core Nutritionals, Améo Essential Oils and Ripstix Supplements. Each of these divisions provides quality health and wellness products, including teas, essential oils and energy enhancers, to name a few. Each product is made with the highly nutritional moringa oleifera. Organically grown, moringa oleifera is currently the most nutrient-rich plant known to mankind. These trees are grown on proprietary farms in India, and harvested carefully be hand and shade-dried.

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