Ruth Anne Caukwell

Ruth01Ruth Anne Caukwell holds diplomas in proofreading and editing, journalism, commercial art, and writing. She earned a bachelor’s degree in early childhood teaching and learning, as well as a bachelor’s degree in modern Asian studies from Griffith University. A profoundly educated and extremely passionate individual, Ms. Caukwell is a teacher, author, inspirational writer, blogger, proofreader and editor. Her blog, RuAnCa, serves as an Internet space for men and women to find “inspiration, encouragement and hope in today’s busy and difficult world.” When she’s not blogging, Ms. Caukwell is writing books. She is the author of, “An Anthology of Three Women: A Mother’s Love and Sacrifice for Her Children,” and “An Anthology of Three Women – 2: Unveiling the True Essence of a Woman.” Additionally, she is working on an inspirational book, “Musings of a Blogger – Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey,” which will be published in December 2015 by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. Ms. Caukwell is also working on, “The Hexagon of Life: Inspiration Words for Each Day,” which will address six essential parts: physical, spiritual, emotional, social, leisure and environmental. The book will have sayings for each day so as to  inspire people to be their authentic selves. In the near future, Ms. Caukwell is planning to hold library presentations to speak about her book, facilitate work groups and become a public inspirational speaker.

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