Morten Selven

Morton SelvenAs the president of Mikos Learning AS, Morten Selven utilizes his extensive background to provide quality professional training and consulting services. With a knack for problem-solving and expertise in sales, he is able to pass along his knowledge in order to assist his clients in reaching higher competition levels. Specifically, Mikos Learning AS provides top-notch sales training for average and top salespeople with the primary goal of helping them evolve into elite salespeople. Today, Mr. Selven and his team are working with one of Norway’s biggest companies that sells machine tools. Due to the substantial drop in the price of oil, the company’s customers have experienced a big market decrease. It was determined by Mr. Selven that better internal innovation and higher sales power within the organization would be the most effective ways to improve the company’s operations. Mikos Learning AS is helping the company achieve these goals.

Initially, Mr. Selven was a trained commercial pilot, president of Sola Commercial Pilot School and a member of the Norwegian Air Force. After a serious plane accident, Mr. Selven transitioned into the sales industry as a salesman for Xerox Corporation and soon after progressed to the role of regional sales manager. He continued to progress through the industry, obtaining roles in business consulting, before becoming the president of his current company.

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