Rob MacKay

MacKayThe Queens Economic Development Corporation, or QEDC, is a nonprofit corporation that focuses on the creation and retention of jobs through programming that expands neighborhoods, assists small businesses, and promotes tourism and business development. Since its inception in 1977, QEDC has been funded by the New York City Department of Small Business Services, the New York State Department of  Economic Development and the Small Business Administration. QEDC’s focuses include helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and ensuring that residents live comfortably.

Rob MacKay serves as the Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Tourism, and the Director of The Queens Tourism Counsel for the organization. In this capacity, he is responsible for editing newsletters, placing stories in media outlets, providing information to the public and news agencies, and organizing and promoting various events, such as Queens Taste and Restaurant Week. Additionally, he writes a weekly column in a local newspaper, as drafts press releases and brochures. Renowned for his writing and interpersonal skills, Mr. MacKay has established himself as a vital member of the corporation.

Read Rob MacKay’s Newsletter!

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