Fiona E. Davis

Fiona DavisDrawing on an impressive 32 years of experience, Fiona E. Davis efficiently serves as an education consultant for the Victoria Police’s People Development Command. Her day-to-day responsibilities include designing, implementing and assessing programs for police recruits, detectives, crime scene officers and prosecutors, as well as ensuring that all training programs are compliant with national standards. Ms. Davis also conducts continuous improvement audits and course evaluations, provides advice on government regulatory framework and compliance, and develops educational processes and standardized document templates. By doing all of this, she facilitates continuous improvement processes within Victoria Police’s training programs. Prior, Ms. Davis was a primary school teacher for 10 years. She joined the Australian Army and was involved in education and training development for 20 years. Ms. Davis remains an Army Reserve officer and currently serves with the Australian Army History Unit as a museum manager.

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