Lucille D. Johnson

Lucille JohnsonHumble, talented and extremely compassionate, Lucille D. Johnson has a true love for working with people within the nonprofit sector. She utilizes her expertise in social work, family services and child welfare to serve as the director of family services for the Bristol Bay Native Association. In this capacity, Ms. Johnson administers programs for children, families and elders in order to support the organization’s mission. The mission of the Bristol Bay Native Association is to, “maintain and promote a strong regional organization supported by the tribes of Bristol Bay to serve as a unified voice to provide social, economic, cultural, educational opportunities and initiatives to benefit the tribes and the native people of Bristol Bay.” The organization’s programs include community, economic and workforce development, as well as land management and social service programs for the Bristol Bay Region’s 31 tribes.

After reviewing a brochure on human resources degrees offered at the University of Alaska, Ms. Johnson found her calling for social work and education. Subsequently, she earned a Bachelor of Science in social work and a Master of Social Work from the university.

Read Lucille Johnson’s Newsletter!

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