Peter Vinken

Peter Vinken boasts nearly three decades of experience as a conductor and music publisher for Highland Music, which publishes musical orchestrations. Mr. Vinken is proficient in conducting orchestral music, and is responsible for advising conductors, teaching, engraving music, and overseeing sales and marketing for the company. Additionally, he networks with other professionals, meets with clients, and, of course, arranges music.

Highland Music offers beautifully composed musical pieces for all different kinds of orchestras and music groups, including school orchestras, symphony orchestras, choirs, large bands and ensembles, as well as string orchestras and quartets. The company offers music of all genres, including classical, pop and jazz, as well as theater and film music. Additionally, Highland Music sells conducting sticks, textbooks and conducting scores. Mr. Vinken and his team take pride in offering all of their products at affordable prices.

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