Joseph Khan Nguyen

Passionate about working against terrorism and promoting counter-terrorism, Joseph Khan Nguyen fervently conducts research to attain evidence. He also talks to people in different countries about the subject and works to unite nations. Persistent in accomplishing his goals, Mr. Nguyen seeks support as the president of his nonprofit organization, the Global Public Safety Human Being Life Protection Organization, or GPSHBLPO.

Mr. Nguyen strongly believes that the United States needs new laws and international force to combat terrorism. A native of Saigon, Vietnam, he is passionate about ending terrorism and protecting others. An ardent advocate of antiterrorism initiatives, Mr. Nguyen feels that making people comply with a new order is essential to fighting terrorism and abolishing it altogether. He is committed to protecting people and adamantly believes that the U.S. should always be prepared for war. Mr. Nguyen is noted for his expertise in negotiating, building teams, strategic planning, marketing, project management and business development.

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