Nina A. Rossi

A licensed funeral director within the state of New York, Nina A. Rossi, NYS LFD, CPT, and CET, has experience in the funeral industry in both private and corporate working environments. In 2015, she decided to create a different approach to what she believes a funeral should really be about: a celebration in honor of a life once lived. With a sincere desire to help people with one of life’s greatest and most important decisions, Ms. Rossi decided to share her knowledge, expertise, skills, and compassion with the client families. Know Before You Go Inc. (KBYG), is a new and unique funeral and consultation service, offering consumer education, guidance and support before, during and after one of life’s most difficult periods: the death of a loved one. KBYG is not replacing the client’s funeral home of choice, but works on the client’s behalf with the funeral home in order to help the client make informed and educated decisions. Mr. Rossi is dedicated to making the funeral planning process a more comfortable and personalized experience. She guides client families through every step in planning  funeral and memorial services. Her creative passions have also inspired her to offer unique, handcrafted memorial merchandise, such as urns and keepsakes, to help celebrate the memory of  loved ones. Her services and merchandise are also available for family pets.

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