Robert B. Zann, MD, FACS

Robert ZannWith an impressive 34 years of medical experience, Robert B. Zann, MD, FACS, has been recognized for his hard work, dedication and desire to share his knowledge with those around him. As a skilled orthopedic surgeon with Orthopaedic Surgery Associates, Inc., Dr. Zann provides total joint, hip and knee replacement solutions by meeting with each of his patients and evaluating their conditions. Additionally, he is responsible for making decisions regarding hip and knee replacements, as well as educating administrators, nurses and fellow doctors on the benefits of efficiency and teamwork with regard to these procedures. Caring and compassionate, Dr. Zann is committed to providing the highest-quality patient care, having always strived to deliver immediate relief and long-term prevention, with the ultimate goal of restoring his patients to active and healthy lifestyles. In addition, he volunteers much of his time to caring for those in need; he has gone on numerous medical ventures to developing countries throughout Asia, Europe, and South and Latin America, where he has encountered many complex conditions and has needed to create operating rooms with very limited resources.

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