Kevin A. Stockdill

Kevin StockdillCompanies that focus on a niche market are known for providing products, solutions and services of the highest quality. This is usually because these companies are able to dedicate all of their focus and energy to their specific markets. This definitely stands true for Nightforce Optics, Inc. A sports optics company, Nightforce Optics offers precision optics, including rifle scopes, telescopes and accessories. They take pride in providing scopes that can withstand a lot of abuse. Typically, these products are tailored to law enforcement officials, long-range shooting enthusiasts and hunters. Kevin A. Stockdill is currently serving as the director of innovation. Having nurtured a career that spans more than 35 years in the sports optics industry, Mr. Stockdill has obtained invaluable expertise in the areas of optics, applied research, prototyping, and testing and evaluation. In his current capacity, he remains responsible for researching emerging technologies for opportunities, as well as increasing market share and presence through innovation.

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