Manuel E. Collazo Jr.

Manuel CIt wasn’t until Manuel E. Collazo Jr. was recruited by a headhunter that he became interested in the field of finance. He’d already received an undergraduate degree from the Ramapo College of New Jersey, and was pursuing a graduate degree when he was convinced to begin working for a Spanish bank. Although he had originally been planning to become a pilot in the military, Mr. Collazo decided to work for the bank instead. He graduated from the Instituto de Empresa with an executive MBA in 2003, and has never looked back.

Today, Mr. Collazo is the managing director of Rico Consulting, a Florida-based financial consultancy that provides quality consultations in all areas of finance. In this capacity, he oversees various strategic planning projects for clients, assists others in reconstructing financial institutions from the broker’s side and ensures the inbound flow of capital. He’s also taken businesses to an international standpoint.

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