Susanne Martins

Susanne MartinsResilient, persistent and compassionate, Susanne Martins serves as the manager of workforce development and project management for the Government of Australia’s Housing Authority. The Housing Authority provides affordable housing for people in need, and is actively involved in land development, housing construction and property management. Ms. Martins’ day-to-day responsibilities include driving cultural change, developing the workforce, improving practices, building the capacity of the organization, and driving project management methodology. Currently, Ms. Martins is implementing workplace development space, building relationships, expanding her team and working on launching new project management products. Over the course of her 15-year career, she has garnered expertise in leadership change management, cultural transformation and organizational development.

Many years ago, Ms. Martins was impressed by a dynamic human resources manger while working in a bank. She asked him how to enter the field of human resources, and he replied that a solid education was the simplest way. Ms. Martins followed his advice.

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