Ralph W. Hoyer

RalphFor more than four decades, Ralph Hoyer has enjoyed the pleasure of working with the same attorneys and staff members. In fact, he takes great price in his staff and his colleagues. As an attorney and bankruptcy lawyer for Hoyer, Hoyer & Smith, PLLC, Mr. Hoyer works with his stellar team to offer quality legal services in the areas of bankruptcy, corporate reorganization, debtor and creditor law, commercial litigation and transactions, personal injury, and business workouts. In addition, the team handles cases pertaining to wrongful death, automobile and airplane accidents, and product liability, as well as stock market, securities and insurance litigation. Renowned for his extensive knowledge, Mr. Hoyer has established himself as a trusted provider of top-notch legal services for cases involving corporate reorganization, commercial and construction law, bankruptcy, personal injury, and commercial litigation.

Although Mr. Hoyer was initially an engineer for many years, he’d always had plans to one day practice law with his brother. After earning a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Marquette University in 1964 and continuing his education through Nuclear Engineer Baltimore Gas and Electric Company in 1966, he decided to go to law school. He graduated cum laude from the University of Baltimore with a JD in 1973.

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