Gilberto Rodrigues

GilbertoGilberto Rodrigues proudly serves as the CEO of Mota-Engil Africa, a conglomerate dedicated to providing solutions for the continent of Africa as a whole. The company does so by addressing and overcoming challenges involving mining, energy, logistics and infrastructure. Mr. Rodrigues fulfills a number of integral responsibilities in his role as CEO, including observing the African market, for which he also provides performance documentation. He also directly handles the commercial side of the business while overseeing its finances and top operations. In addition, he is responsible for developing and implementing policies, thus ensuring the company’s sustainability. To fulfill these duties, he calls upon his strengths as a leader and entrepreneurial skills.

Recently, Mota-Engil Africa completed an extremely significant project. The Nacala Corridor Project in Malawi connected the Moatize coal mine in Tete Province in Mozambique to the Nacala Port over a total distance of more than 562 miles. Mota-Engil worked on both sections of the project, which included the construction and renovation of existing railway, as well as the construction of a new railway line.

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