Jon D. Meer

Jon MeerA partner of Seyfarth Shaw LLP, Jon D. Meer utilizes his 27 years of prior experience within the field of law to assist clients across numerous sectors. Seyfarth Shaw LLP is a full-service law firm that has attorneys and offices around the world. Since joining the firm seven years ago, Mr. Meer has been focusing on a multitude of practice areas, including class actions, trade secrets, employment, entertainment, personal injury, discrimination, international law, and copyright law. Additionally, Mr. Meer handles cases including privacy law, employment contracts, unfair competition, trademark infringement and licensing, as well as civil, business, securities and patent litigation. He is tasked with handling trial law, and is thus able to perpetuate a successful track record in defending class action and high-risk lawsuits — he has represented numerous multinational companies and Fortune 500 business entities in cases where the risk of exposure exceeded $100 million. Mr. Meer is also responsible for managing the firm’s decisions within its Los Angeles office.

Throughout his career, Mr. Meer has assisted clients in large employment-related transactions, including wage-and-hour compliance audits, internal investigations, trade secret protection, privacy issues, and corporate restructuring. Noted as one of the most successful and revered class action trial lawyers in the nation, Mr. Meer’s list of class action victories, settlements and dismissals is extensive.

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