John Taylor

John Taylor serves as the executive director of environment and infrastructure for Sustainable Environmental Engineering Development (SEED), a management consulting company dedicated to helping customers “find meaningful answers to the sustainability questions relating to a seamless integration of the demand for engineering innovation within development and the global and company need to be environmental responsible and ensuring that future developments are sustainable. The way we assure increased productivity within a  changing the world is through the implementation of innovative and detailed project management.” Established last year after years of peer encouragement and market demand from the Australian development and government sectors, SEED provides high level management guidance and assistance to executive teams through to detailed project management and field based services including feasibility and risk assessments, contract management, ecological and environmental surveys, architectural and engineering review, stakeholder and government consultation and approvals.  SEED has been established as an association of companies and leading experts in their respective fields of which SEED is the lead company and trust manager. The association members are committed resolving global challenges and facilitating new discoveries.

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