Colin Wheldon James

Colin Wheldon James has always been passionate about history, specifically Medieval European history. An honors graduate of the University of Wales, he holds a Bachelor of Arts in history. Upon establishing Pastoral Audiobooks in 2011, Mr. James and his partner, Christopher James, intended to provide hour-long historical talks on local topics for the people of Swansea and Southwest New South Wales. However, soon after its inception, Pastoral Audiobooks grew to provide audio books on a far greater selection of historical subjects, and has since produced a total of seven titles. In his capacity as director, Mr. James is responsible for researching, editing, marketing and working directly with clients in order to effectively develop and grow the business.

In addition to his role as director, Mr. James also serves as a faculty member at Swansea University; he has been lecturing on the topic of Medieval European history since 2002. Very active in his field, Mr. James maintains memberships with the Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East, the Royal Institution of South Wales, BASCA, RICS and Royal Historical Society. He is also the secretary for the Historical Association’s Swansea Branch.

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