Stuart M. Pound

A renowned leader in the field of transportation, Stuart Pound firmly believes that establishing a level of trust expands the structure of relationships. Mr. Pound refers to this approach as “The Stuartism of Transportation.” He is noted for his high standard of ethics and professionalism, and has thus achieved success as the vice president of sales and marketing for Larway Transportation. With an impressive history of growth, stability and exceptional service, Larway Transportation offers reliable, experienced and innovative transportation service solutions for all supply chain management needs, as well as carrying services for general commodities, including food, hazardous goods and building materials. The trusted company provides additional capacity, strong partnerships, dedicated fleet service, advanced technology and data, and congestion and disruption solutions. Larway’s experienced, professional drivers offer seamless coverage across North America with direct lanes to major metros and direct service to Mexico, as well as innovative solutions to support competitive pricing and excellent customer care.

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