Raymond Michael Corral

RMCRaymond Michael Corral takes pride in helping people become the best versions of themselves. Lauded as an expert in executive coaching, Mr. Corral has spent more than 35 years working with juveniles, parents, delinquents, athletes, corporate professionals, and entrepreneurs. He helps people through the consulting, coaching, hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming services provided by his company, R.M. Corral & Associates, which is also known as RMCA Coaching. An expert in helping people find a place of significance, which will allow them to focus on what has been learned, Mr. Corral diligently works with clients until they have reached their goals in numerous areas, including finance, family issues, career and life balance, grief, time management, and mid-life retirement. He has also assisted people in the areas of parenting, public speaking, quarter-life transitions, relationships, and time management.

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