Robert Andjelic

RobertRobert Andjelic has always been the type of professional who considers the global picture. He’d constantly wondered where his native country, Canada, fit in the world, and what his nation had that China and other developing economies needed. The answer to that was simply: agricultural products and fresh water.

Thus, the businessman and entrepreneur established Andjelic Farms Inc. and Andjelic Land Inc. Andjelic Farms Inc. is an agriculture company that produces agricultural products grown in Canada, including cereals, oil seeds, durum wheat, chickpeas, lentils, flaxseed, mustard, dry peas, canola, soybeans and corn. Mr. Andjelic has always been interested in farming and food production, and has owned farmland and operated small hobby farms for more than three decades. It was only after studying the future population growth, the world’s arable land trends, freshwater distribution and the impact of global warming that he decided to immerse himself and all his assets into farmland and food production, as he thought this was Canada’s worldwide competitive edge.

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