Rudolf Fluckiger, Ph.D.

Prominently displayed at the top of the Novacule, LLC website, this quote serves as an important reminder. As someone who does truly care, Rudolf Fluckiger, Ph.D., founded Novacule, LLC with the intention of developing a drug to supplement a component in the current HAART, or highly active antiretroviral therapy, anti-AIDS drug regimen. This drug can greatly reduce both costs and side effects of the current therapy. AIDS is a global issue that has resulted in a huge humanitarian crisis and economic problem. Dr. Fluckiger works to implement the company’s strategies with the hope of eradicating the disease completely.

As the president of the company, Dr. Fluckiger stays abreast of the industry’s changes and trends by reading consistently. He writes research plans and maintains a spreadsheet to record his daily findings and thoughts. Many of his innovations started with his goals of preventing and reversing the progression of pre-diabetes, as well as alleviating the pain of migraine-sufferers.

Read Rudolph Fluckiger’s Newsletter!

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