Thomas M. Holley

Backed by more than three and a half decades of dedicated work in the field of property management, Thomas M. Holley has been recognized for his many accomplishments as the senior vice president and operational controller of Apartment Equities LLC. Recognized as a 2016 Executive of the Year in Architecture & Design by Worldwide Branding, Mr. Holley serves as an integral member of the real estate company, which offers multifamily residential and commercial real estate property management, as well as the design, remodeling and renovation of real estate properties. In his capacity, Mr. Holley is responsible for overseeing all remodeling and design for commercial and residential properties, lending his business acumen to the creative process, and handling investigation, research and all budgeting for new buildings. Noted for his keen eye for detail, and expertise in communication and design, he is able to work proactively, and connect analytical work to the clients’ needs and the company’s objectives. Throughout his career with Apartment Equities LLC, Mr. Holley has increased profits by 100 percent and decreased spending, all while maintaining a vacancy rate of less than 1 percent.

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