Bertrand de Brosses

Skilled in system design and engineering, Bertrand de Brosses has spent more than six years designing projects, executing contracts, developing navigation systems, and maintaining profitability for SEGULA, an engineering company focused on equipment for the aerospace industry. “I work with a team of specialists on mechanical calculations, design and tooling projects to fulfill production and supply chain demands of our clients,” he says, noting that the challenge is not in developing new technologies, but rather in keeping up with the demand for equipment. Due to his wide range of expertise in mechanics, hardware and software, Mr. de Brosses is able to manage these complex projects with ease. Daily, he serves as programs director for more than 100 people, and focuses his efforts primarily on P&L improvement. Additionally, Mr. de Brosses maintains relationships with all of the aircraft manufacturers with whom he works to ensure top-notch customer service.

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