Derek Grills

Derek Grills ImageThe founder, chief executive officer and president of CPIM Group, Derek Grills demonstrates an expertise in human resources derived from more than four decades of experience in the field. Over the last 12 years, he has built CPIM Group with his exemplary knowledge of people and team-building skills, expanding its reach from Mexico to Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Great Britain and the United States, and growing its staff to more than 400 employees. He separates himself from other leaders in this field by focusing his company on one core principle: flexibility. By providing flexible staffing solutions, Mr. Grills is able to increase the effective use of human resources and reduce unproductive downtime. In doing so, he is able to allow for a more efficient cost control of labor. “Our aim is to offer a solution to multi-national companies that need support as they expand into new regions or countries where they do not yet have coverage,” he says, noting that the trust demonstrated by their loyal customers is a testament to the honest service and forthright communication of all of the members of CPIM Group. With the knowledge that trends in human resources are always changing, Mr. Grills promises to continue to improve the level of service he provides year after year.

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