Ellie A. Blair

Ellary Blair ImageWith nearly five decades of experience crafting beautiful fine arts, Ellary Blair, or Ellie, as she likes to be called, was recognized for her entrepreneurial endeavors as a Top Female Executive in 2015. Operating her own pottery studio, Ellie Pots Inc., Ellie creates one-of-a-kind artistic vases, bowls, tiles, plates and bottles using crystalline and raku pottery. Her unique style has led her to host workshops all over the world. In June 2016, Ellie will conduct 10 workshops in Sao Paolo, Brazil, as the result of her invitation from Aimee Sufya Mourad. She has previously been invited by world-renowned crystalline potter Bill Powell to attend his workshops. She was one of 25 professionals who were personally invited to his workshop in 2015. In addition, she has attended the workshops of Ted Secombe, Jose Maria Mariscal and Fara Shinbo.

Read Ellary Blair’s Newsletter!

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