Nedra VandenDriesen

Nedra VandenDriesen ImageA health care professional with global recognition for her consulting work as an anesthesiologist, Dr. Nedra VandenDriesen has dedicated her career to working with high-risk patients who require precise attention and multiple treatments. She demonstrates expertise in a number of areas, including clinical pharmacology, regional anesthesia, clinical education and teaching. At Royal Perth Hospital, where she serves as a consultant anesthesiologist, she is responsible for managing recovery room indices and outcomes, as well as focusing intently on perioperative medicine and pre-anesthesia assessment and optimization. A pioneer for process improvement and change in the medical field, Dr. VandenDriesen is on the cusp of furthering her studies in health leadership. “To be able to influence health paradigm access to health care starts with doctors and health professionals,” she says, adding that certain guidelines and strong policy should be made from the providers themselves — not insurance companies.

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