David Toohey

David Toohey ImageFor David Toohey, maintaining a positive mental attitude has allowed him to find success in his career in the field of broadcasting for nearly four decades. He began his working life as a “valve jockey” during the time of black and white tube design television and long-distance HF radio equipment — a period that he fondly refers to as “the glory days.” Passionate about all things relating to communication, he established Compact Monitor System Australia, an audio and visual systems integration company, following his experience working on the design, construction and development of many significant projects all across the Pacific. Notably, he was involved with creating Pay TV solutions for Papua New Guinea, satellite television digital upgrades for Sky TV New Zealand, SBS Television Australia, ABC Television Australia, Sydney Convention Centre AV and broadcast systems, distance and in-house teaching systems for the University of Sydney, and many other projects. He also worked for esteemed media companies, including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Red Bee Media, and Access Innovation Media. Today, Mr. Toohey continues to work as the managing director for the company that he created, where he takes leadership over the business development and strategic direction of all of its projects.

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