Edward Joseph Elias

An artist, visionary and spiritual leader, Edward Joseph Elias has dedicated his career to helping, supporting and giving encouragement to others around him. The owner of his own studio, he demonstrates an expertise and uniqueness in the color combinations that he layers to create a visual experience for anyone looking at the art. Many of his pieces are developed using glass mediums, which he discovered following years as a studio potter. “I was immediately intrigued by the similarities between throwing pots on a wheel and shaping glass on a blowpipe,” Mr. Elias says, adding that he has followed this area of art for more than 30 years due to the fluidity and limitless potential of glass to use color to create rhythms, movement and glowing interactions with light. Additionally, he loves glass for its ability to reflect metal-like effects when incorporating certain oxides. “You can make glass appear any way that you want it to,” he notes. Mr. Elias’ creative expertise is backed by techniques learned during his education. He studied at the Haystack School of Crafts and Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where he earned a Master of Fine Arts. Today, Mr. Elias continues to work not only in glass, but also in clay. His clay and pottery pieces are on display at his studio.

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