Dr. Laurie Zakresky

A doctor in Qigong, a Shaman Minister and a psychic medium, Dr. Laurie Zakresky feels that it is her calling to share her blessings and gifts of healing with the world. In Largo, Fla., she is the owner of a spiritual store, Divine Books, which offers a variety of products and services to promote health and wellness. “We carry a large assortment of self-help books, spiritual statues, gourmet candles, Luminesce products, incense, smudging products and tarot cards,” Dr. Zakresky says, adding that she connects with the energies of each of her customers to help them find the products best suited for their spiritual needs. With a focus on closing the gap between one’s mental health and physical health, she demonstrates key competency in spiritualism, natal astrology, mindfulness meditation, energy healing and holistic health. Dr. Zakresky offers guided meditation sessions and twice per month she hosts “Ladies Night Out,” where she teaches a variety of topics and practices, including numerology, psychic development, medicine bag development, meditation, Reiki and shamanism. In doing so, she enables participants to find their purpose and merge it with vital energy and a connectedness “community.” The result, she notes, is a true overall sense of well-being.

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