Mary Ann “Mimi” Ruth

Ruth, Mary AnnAn award-winning global management trainer, spiritual coach and executive consultant in the state of North Carolina, Mimi Ruth has been guiding professionals in achieving success for more than three decades. She possesses outstanding abilities in change management and organizational effectiveness, as demonstrated by her work with international executives across the globe. In her career, Ms. Ruth has impacted more than two million clients and enhanced their individual and organizational performance through a blend of business principle techniques, ethical evaluation and spirituality. “By introducing the values of ethics and spirituality into business, it allows executives to decisively create an overarching vision for the organization that trickles down to every employee on a much more empowering level than simply trying to achieve an aggregate dollar amount to define success,” Ms. Ruth says, adding that in her career she has worked with governmental entities, nonprofit associations, faith communities, universities and for-profit companies alike. No matter the industry, Ms. Ruth believes that any organization or company can thrive using her approach to business — and she has proven its success tenfold.

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