Joseph M. Smith

If there is one thing that Joseph Smith has learned throughout his 40-year career, it’s this: “Do not run away from a challenge.” A mentality that has allowed him to gain success in the construction industry, he believes that obstacles lead to opportunity, which in turn leads to achievements. Nine years ago, Mr. Smith established J&R Fabrication Ltd., located in Calgary, Alberta. With a focus on construction supervision and inspection services, he performs quality control functions related to piping fabrication and installation, as well as structural modifications and seal pan installations. Mr. Smith possesses an expertise in all areas of compressor revamps and re-cylinder management, including associated piping, scrubbers, suction and discharge bottle and cooler changes. Driven by his passion for the field, he has met with success by focusing on the task at hand and developing the skills necessary to have an impact on his industry. Mr. Smith’s key areas of competency include welding, project management in the gas and energy field, petrochemical management, project planning, and contract management.

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