Bassel Haidar

Haidar, BasselA technology guru and health professional committed to helping others achieve wellness despite their current health challenges, Bassel Haidar utilizes evidence-based tools to support practitioners in the assessment, interpretation and recommendation of integrative protocols for patients. “By looking at someone’s health in different layers, we are able to build a comprehensive view of who they are today. Then, we can tackle the fundamental tenants of aging as well as metabolic and lifestyle influences that are disrupting their metabolism,” says Mr. Haidar, who has nearly three decades of professional experience. At Metabolic Code, he serves as chief executive officer, and is responsible for implementing high-level strategies and leading overall company growth. He showcases an expertise in these areas, as demonstrated by his previous work experience. Prior to joining the team at Metabolic Code, Mr. Haidar was instrumental in building a successful technology company, 3H Technology, from a team of three to more than 300 staff members with annual revenues exceeding $40 million before it was acquired by Qinetiq North America. In addition to his hard work, it is his passion for his profession that has allowed Mr. Haidar to meet with success in his career.

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