Margaret-Anne Irvine

Distinguished as a Top Female Professional by Worldwide Branding in 2016, Maggie Irvine is not only a human resources executive; she is an inspiration to women. At Puresource, owned by NOW Health Group, she focuses her work on ensuring that her employees have the opportunity to advance their careers in an environment that is healthy and favorable. Her key areas of competency include human resources, recruiting, payroll, benefits and team-building. She is also regarded for her work in employee relations pertaining to counseling, coaching and conflict resolution. “It is my job to be an unbiased party when it comes to workplace conflict, but it’s also my job to advocate for and protect my employees in scenarios where they are being treated unfairly outside of the realm of their professional duties,” Ms. Irvine says, noting that she oversees all company policies and procedures to ensure compliance with employment legislation and health and safety legislation. She is also responsible for all aspects of payroll administration and tax reporting (EHT, federal tax and provincial tax).

Read Maggie Irvine’s Newsletter!

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