Antoinette Colbran

Colbran, AntoinetteAn award-winning health care professional and business owner, Antoinette Colbran has accrued more than two decades of experience in the field of medical administration. Now the executive director of Benchmark The Practice, an expert medical witness services consulting firm, she provides expert opinion services pertaining to medical negligence, personal injury and motor vehicle accidents for lawyers handling medical malpractice cases. Ms. Colbran established her business after working for the health minister at the federal level. She recognized the need that many attorneys had for a liaison for medical cases to help coordinate and obtain medical reports for disputes and conferences. Today, her business has grown to include the expertise of a range of medical specialists who are qualified to assess cases involving a wide variety of medical craft groups. She has also built a large network of medical experts in niche areas of medicine to work on complex or unique cases. In recognition of her excellence in the field of expert medical witnessing, Ms. Colbran was named a Professional of the Year in 2016 and she was selected for honorary inclusion in the Elite Women Worldwide network of female professionals.

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