Christopher Pratt

Pratt, ChristopherChristopher Pratt is a project management executive who brings with him more than three decades of experience in the development of major building and infrastructure facilities. At Perth Airport in Australia, his expertise in engineering, designing and procuring complex multidisciplinary projects is being applied to the airports future multi-billion dollar capital works program. He has achieved a level of success that many engineers only dream of by looking at what is possible rather than focusing on what may seem insurmountable. “If you keep practicing what you did yesterday, you will achieve only what you did then and those results would not be good enough tomorrow. Forever invent what you might do better and turn it into a reality,” Mr. Pratt says, adding that practicing this philosophy has allowed him to progress from his earlier roles as a construction engineer and senior construction manager to the executive position that he holds today. Prior to leading the development at Perth Airport, he made significant contributions in business development and growth at John Holland and then Hansen Yuncken.

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