DeAnn M. Worth

Worth, DeAnnA claims examiner for State Farm Insurance, DeAnn Worth demonstrates expertise in medical record analysis and case management. A certified occupational health nurse-specialist, registered nurse, and certified case manager, she is considered a prominent leader in all aspects of her work because of her extensive background in medicine. In her current position, she is entrusted to coordinate with physicians, insurance agents, beneficiaries, police and investigators. Ms. Worth demonstrates professionalism in all of these areas of communication, as she understands the importance of these interactions. In recognition of her professional excellence over the last 31 years, she was the recipient of a Visionary Award from Remington Registry and she was featured on Elite Radio Network, where she shared insights that she has come to learn in her career. Additionally, Ms. Worth was distinguished as a Top Female Professional by Worldwide Branding, selected for inclusion among Elite Women Worldwide, and will be featured in an upcoming edition of Pro-Files Magazine.

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