J. Kent Lowry

Lowry, Kent JAs a personal injury attorney, J. Kent Lowry understands how important it is for clients to obtain representation from a compassionate and headstrong leader in the courtroom. “Many times those who are victims of injuries due to the negligence of another person can experience life-altering changes that impact every moment and decision of the rest of their lives — they need someone to fight for them in arguably the most challenging and emotional time of their life,” he says, adding that he has shaped his career by keeping this perspective at the top of his mind. At Armstrong Teasdale in Jefferson City, Mr. Lowry takes on matters of personal injury, product liability, tort and catastrophic events. Additionally, he offers mediation services in complex cases involving medical malpractice and constructions matters. Highly regarded for his expertise in civil litigation and alternative dispute resolution, Mr. Lowry is among the most sought after personal injury attorneys in the region.

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