Patrick W. Bass

Bass, PatrickMr. Patrick Bass is a nationally recognized expert in the payment card industry because of his specialized skills in data security standards as they pertain to PA-DSS, P2PE and PCI DSS. With cross-functional experience in diverse markets, he demonstrates security and compliance in establishing and improving information security management programs. A skilled strategic and tactical leader, he now serves as the chief executive officer of InfoSecure Redteam, an information security company that offers personalized and practical industry-accepted information security solutions. Mr. Bass and his team design PCI, HIPAA and NIST programs, improve security, decrease information technology vulnerabilities, and supervise mergers and acquisitions. “In today’s society, everyone is obsessed with information technology and it is imperative to protect your intellectual property,” Mr. Bass advises, stating that this level of caution no longer applies simply to large corporations. Startup companies and sole proprietorships need to take advantage of this level of security and protection.

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