Thomas Burke

Burke, ThomasGLOBALFOUNDRIES is the world’s first full-service semiconductor foundry with a truly global manufacturing and technology footprint. Its vision is to reshape the semiconductor industry through collaboration and innovation ( As the senior manager and deputy director of electrical systems, Thomas Burke is responsible for overseeing the operations of electrical facilities, enabling him to use his 30-plus years of experience in leading the operations of large iron foundries with multiple vertical and horizontal molding lines. Coming from a background in the automotive machining and assembly industry, Mr. Burke was drawn to GLOBALFOUNDRIES because of the company’s vision. He demonstrates a great level of skill in the areas of process improvement, value stream mapping, SPC, kaizen, 5S, manufacturing, industrial engineering, supply chain management and ISO. An industry leader and recognized operations professional by the American Foundry Society, he has earned such accolades as the title of VIP of the Year and Elite American Executive.

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