Dr. Lucille Burbank

Burbank, Lucille“My attitude is like this photo of a girl jumping over daisies; she exhibits pure joy, and I lead in that way. Under my own company, Burbank’s Paragon Communication, I have served as an educational media and technology consultant to various organizations including the Sesame Workshop. Establishing myself as an author, I have written and edited books as well as numerous articles. Some of the strategies I use to accomplish my work are the following:

Oftentimes, I work in conjunction with others such as when I am a consultant, for example, at the Sesame Workshop, creators of Sesame Street. There working with researchers, I become a team player, seeing with a keen eye what is needed and working on current research projects. For example, in the past, when Will Lee died, who played Mr. Hooper the storekeeper on Sesame Street for ten years, I helped the Workshop in their effort to tell the truth: Instead of saying Mr. Hooper “retired” or “went on vacation,” they were honest with the children, dealing directly with his death.

Other times, I’ve worked in pairs with colleagues to obtain crucial information: For example, in order to complete a study I was doing on three, prominent, long-running children’s TV series, I needed to interview Fred Rogers, the creator of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. To be granted this special interview, I collaborated with Sam Newberry, supervising producer, Hedda Sharapan, associate producer, and then with David Newell, actor and public relations director for the show.”

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