Timothy L. Mercer

Mercer, TimothyThe recipient of a Distinguished Humanitarian Award this year for his extensive work over the last four decades, Timothy Mercer is a nationally recognized social worker based in Dayton, Ohio. Now working with Access Hospital, he demonstrates prominence as a treatment and recovery aid for patients with a range of mental illnesses. “I entered my profession because I wanted to help patients achieve their potential and improve their quality of life,” Mr. Mercer says, adding that he works with patients facing a number of mental disorders, from depression, to anxiety, to personality disorders and schizophrenia. With a focus on helping people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives, Mr. Mercer is particularly equipped to provide top-of-the-line services in a psychiatric hospital environment. He is most gratified when his patients are stabilized, which leads to their return to the community. In his career, he has held many roles that have led him to his current position. Previously, he was a social worker for the Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare System, a social worker for the Dayton Developmental Center, a social worker for Montgomery County Welfare and a youth counselor for Operation Sister United.

Read Timothy Mercer’s Newsletter!

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