Ellen L. Behrens

behrens-ellenBecause of her exuberance and hard work over the last 16 years, Ellen Behrens has worked up the ranks within her company and made a significant impact in her work as a software developer and analyst. At the community services agency of Stanislaus County, she is responsible for managing web application design utilizing PHP, XML, XSL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. She also handles mobile iOS application design, Access and MySQL application design, and Ad Hocs for various data systems. Highly regarded for her ability to seamlessly transition between coding languages, applications and platforms, Ms. Behrens notes that her successes come directly from her passion for technology and software development. In her previous roles with Stanislaus County, she gained experience in a number of software development support functions, including computer equipment and software procurement, technical support, and management of SQL and Access databases. She also performed design work using Adobe CS6 and Scala.

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