Marilyn Wood

wood-marilynIf there’s one thing that Marilyn Wood has learned about success over the last two decades, it’s this: Every position offers the opportunity to master new skills, expand one’s network and develop professional maturity. It is important to hold on to one’s passions and goals, but equally important to realize that there are many pathways and many ways in which one can achieve success.

Ms. Wood’s own journey has brought her to her current role as a freelance historian on Australia’s colonial history and 19th-century British imperial history. She works with a number of historical societies, government entities, community groups and businesses to promote cultural tourism and a conservation of heritage. Recognized as an expert in the historical research of these areas, Ms. Wood often takes on projects to review, edit and fact-check articles and books for clients. An advocate for the heritage of her homeland, she is extremely gratified by her career, noting that each day feels like a source of renewed energy and inspiration.

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