Elizabeth “Jonel” Ferguson Kinser, RN, BSN

ferguson-kinser-elizabethIn a career that has spanned nearly 30 years, Elizabeth Ferguson Kinser has demonstrated excellence as a cardiovascular clinical nurse, interventional radiology nurse and clinical auditor. She now works for the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, which is a medial and tertiary referral center that provides level one trauma care and a wide range of medical services, including oncology, urology, geriatrics, ear, nose and throat care, heart surgery, and orthopedics. Regarded for her reliability and professionalism as the clinical audit coordinator, Ms. Ferguson Kinser handles all third-party billing audits and patient complaints for the health center. She also works alongside the director of corporate compliance and the hospital president to help them effectively manage and run the medical center to the highest level possible. Ms. Ferguson Kinser attributes her success to her hard work and determination. She feels most gratified by helping patients and families with their medical care to see them through the crisis in front of them.

Read Elizabeth Ferguson Kinser’s Newsletter!

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