Cyril Chaput

chaput-cyrilCyril Chaput has achieved success throughout his 15-year career by keeping one thing in mind: one cannot be successful without being hands-on. “I am a very curious person by nature, so [in] any project I undertake, I am committed to becoming as knowledgeable as possible,” he says, adding that his curiosity led him to understanding the biotechnology, medical device, compliance and regulatory services, pharmaceutical and medical supply chain, and wireless monitoring sectors. Now the vice president of quality assurance and regulatory affairs for Infitrak, a distribution company that offers cold chain compliance services, he demonstrates leadership in the areas of business analysis, strategic marketing, supply chain and quality control. In this position, which Dr. Chaput has held for the last three years, he provides cold chain solutions and services, regulatory and technical services, and delivers excellent customer service for customers in the life sciences, health care and food sectors. In fact, he believes that his customer service skills are what make him an asset to Infitrak. “You cannot have a successful business without building real, genuine relationships,” he says.

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