Dr. Donald C. Shoultz

shoultz-donDr. Donald C. Shoultz became involved in his profession because of his background in human resources, learning and development. During his career, he was the head of learning and development for E&P from 2007 until 2014, where he improved the efficacy of the enterprise’s exploration and production segment by spearheading an initiative to centralize loosely connected and fragmented learning organizations of 18 international regions and functions into one unified structure. Moving into the learning and organizational development area, he has been able to boost career and educational progression through various programs that he has curated. Among them are formal learning programs, informal learning programs such as coaching and networking, and employee progress programs that center on objective assessment. Today, Dr. Shoultz acts a consultant. “Most companies and governments are not optimizing the potential business value available through wise L&OD investments,” says Dr. Shoultz, who has spent his career linking L&OD to proven business results. He continues to advise, “L&OD can and should be one of your organization’s greatest strategic levers, clearly distinguishing you from the competition.” A pioneering leader, collaborative bridge-builder, and innovative change agent leveraging 25-plus years of experience heading learning and development efforts for global, multibillion-dollar corporations, Dr. Shoultz is considered a strategic driver of business metrics, talent and organizational development, and motivating employees.

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