Georg Hafner

A global investor with expertise in asset and portfolio management, risk analysis, and retirement planning, Dr. Georg Hafner has acrrued more than 15 years of professional experience. After beginning his career with Credit Suisse in management training, he continued to grow professionally, working as the chief of portfolio management of the subsidiaries of Credit Suisse, where he managed more than 1.5 billion AUM. In 2005, he utilized his knowledge of the industry to establish his own firm, Asset Management and Advisory. As the chief executive officer, he provides top-of-the-line financial services to his clients, while studying market tendencies to ensure he remains at the top of his industry. The firm focuses on asset management for private and institutional clients, establishing foundations and companies, mediating bank contacts, and offering advisement for long-term wealth accumulation and tax. Regarded for his expertise and professionalism, Dr. Hafner is considered among the top financial advisors in Switzerland.

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