Maree Brogden

brogden-mareeMaree Brogden is an Arts Psychotherapist and Integrative MindBody Health Practitioner, residing in Hamilton city, New Zealand. After working for more than a decade as a Registered Nurse Practitioner in the field of psychiatry, Ms. Brogden established a Wellness Consultancy, where she integrates the Arts. An innately artistic person, she creates programs and workshops that focus on integrative processes. “Creative process as exploration, allows the participants new insight, to develop self-enhancing life skills,” says Ms. Brogden, who has helped people to acheive optimal health by taking away the “institutional” feel of therapies for those seeking wellness. One of the highlights of Ms. Brogden’s career has been presenting her work at conferences, particularly new ideas, which receive the interest of others. In recognition of her professional excellence, she is named VIP of the Year by Worldwide Branding.

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