Margaret Shaklee

shaklee-margaretAs an active member of the Poudre Wilderness Volunteers, Margaret Shaklee has been assisting the Canyon Lakes Ranger District of the United States for the last ten years. With an evident passion for nonprofit work, she demonstrates an expertise in public administration. In utilizing skills drawn from her previous roles, Ms. Shaklee is well-equipped to manage and protect the wilderness and backcountry areas within the Poudre Wilderness Volunteers jurisdiction. She became involved in her profession after working in social and health services in Washington for 20 years. When Ms. Shaklee retired, she moved to Colorado, and joined Poudre Wilderness Volunteers as a way of getting involved in the community. In 2009, she received a request to serve as the treasurer, and she has been very active within the organization since then. When asked about her career successes, Ms. Shaklee stated that her success has been due to her optimism and the fact that she feels she found a career that is a perfect fit for her.

Read Margaret Shaklee’s Newsletter!

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